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EVN Bulgaria Toplofikatsia EAD (EVN Toplofikatsia) is solely owned by the Austrian energy company EVN AG.
We hold two licences for:

  • generation of heating and electricity and
  • heating supply.

We supply heating to more than 31,000 households in Plovdiv.
We have three facilities for heating production, including the most modern cogeneration plant in the Balkans.

EVN Toplofikatsia: facts and figures

Our achievements include:

EVN Cogen the most modern cogeneration plant not only in Bulgaria, but also in the entire Balkans

0 harmful emissions of sulphur dioxide, fine dust particles and dioxins

250 times lower carbon footprint and 60% less NO than wood and coal heating

Pioneer of cooling via district heating in Bulgaria

+31,000 customers enjoy the comfort of  district heating

BGN 240m of investments in the modernisation and development of the heating grid and facilities

We are proud that the heating produced in our facilities (EVN Cogeneration, TPP North and HP South) does not emit fine dust particles and so does not pollute the air in Plovdiv.
In the total generation of heat, natural gas covers 100% of the relative share of energy sources.

EVN Toplofikatsia is certified according to three international standards:

  • for compliance of the Quality Management System in line with ISO 9001
  • for compliance of the Environmental Management System in line with ISO 14001
  • for compliance of the Occupational Health and Safety System in line with  ISO 45001

Declaration concerning the policy on Quality, Environment, Occupational Health and Safety by the management of EVN Bulgaria Toplofikatsia can be found here.

You can contact us by:

Innovations and responsibility

EVN Toplofikatsia uses innovative solutions for the customers’ benefit while also paying great attention to the impact it has on nature and society. Among the projects with which the company is a forerunner in Plovdiv are: 

  • smart cooling – conversion of heat energy from the district heating grid into cold energy for cooling in summer
  • conversion of vertical heating installations to horizontal ones to enable control and metering for individual apartments, as well as reducing the costs and improving the management of communal areas
  • clean air for Plovdiv - modern and efficient production technologies with a minimal environmental footprint

Plovdiv has the most modern cogeneration plant in the Balkans

The most modern cogeneration plant in the Balkans for the production of electricity and heat has been operating in Plovdiv since the 2011/2012 heating season.
EVN Cogeneration is built on the site of TPP Plovdiv North and has 49.9 MW of electrical capacity and 54 MW of heating capacity.

Thanks to EVN Cogeneration, we provide our customers with:

  • increased reliability of heating supply
  • potential for more stable heating prices
  • a cleaner environment thanks to the lower quantity of emissions from the generation of each megawatt-hour of electricity and heating


is a technology for centralised simultaneous generation of electricity and heat, which is much more efficient than conventional generation. In traditional methods of power production, a large quantity of energy is emitted into the environment in the form of condensing heat from the steam. Cogeneration utilises this "waste" heat, thus generating both heat and electricity in a combined process with an extremely high degree of efficiency.

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