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Vision and mission

As a company, which offers energy services, we are responsible for the daily needs of our customers.  Through expertise and a high quality of work, we aim to contribute to improving their quality of life.

With the services we offer and the successes we have achieved, we want to support the further socio-economic development of the country, as we realise that this is also a social responsibility.

Our customers are at the core of our business activities. We treat everyone in a fair and equal way and strive to achieve the highest security of energy supply and quality of service.

The professional and personal development of our employees is essential for us. Only by working together, in a responsible way, will we succeed in fulfilling the promises we have made.

Compliance at EVN

Integrity and compliance with the law play a major role in the corporate culture of EVN Group. Ethical and correct behaviour is a prerequisite for the mission we have set ourselves as a company.  Therefore, at EVN we have a compliance management system.

A key part of it is EVN's Code of Conduct, which is based on the company's values and specifies the underlying principles of employee conduct in different areas such as anti-corruption, safety at work and relations with business partners.

Information on the terms and procedures for filing reports under the Act on Protection of Persons, Reporting Information, or Publicly Disclosing Information about Breaches (Whistle-blowers Protection Act)

Use this option ONLY for whistle-blowing or public disclosure of information about breaches of the Bulgarian law or of European Union acts that threaten or harm the public interest and European Union law. If you are sure that your reporting falls within the scope of the Whistle-blowers Protection Act and is related to EVN Bulgaria’s actions, use the online form at this link.
A fine of BGN 3,000 to BGN 7,000 is imposed for whistleblowing or public disclosure of false information (art. 45 of the Whistle-blowers Protection Act).
ANY OTHER customer signals, complaints, inquiries, opinions and recommendations other than those referred to in the Whistle-blowers Protection Act, may be submitted through the official communication channels of EVN Bulgaria published here.

Annual report

More about our business activities in the past year can be found in the company's annual report.

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Electricity and services
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