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Facts about EVN Bulgaria

Over 19 years we have achieved

+ 1,230 GWh electricity savings by reducing technological costs to below 7%

630,000 t of CO2 saved by reducing the technological costs

+ 45,700 children have learned about energy efficiency in  Evy and Encho's Class since 2009

1,766 Good Fellows have done more than 15,040 hours of volunteer work and completed 233 campaigns as part of our EVN for Bulgaria programme

+ 3,440 stork nests have been made safe since 2009

41 pairs of Imperial eagles now make up the population of this endangered bird species since the start of the "Life for Safe Grid" project

It is our main challenge to meet the daily needs of our customers and to contribute to improving their living standards.

We believe that we also have another, greater responsibility, and it is towards future generations. So we work in such a way that our actions have a positive effect on people, Bulgaria's economic development and the preservation of natural resources.

For us, sustainable development is an ongoing process. We are striving to develop long-term projects in the field of education and ecology, jointly with Bulgarian and European organisations. In addition, through corporate volunteer programmes, we encourage the personal involvement of our staff in social initiatives and thus help build a more responsible civil society.

Part of our social commitment is the protection of the environment and the purity of the air. We therefore look to e-mobility and have taken the first steps by installing three mobile car chargers for the use of the people of Plovdiv, and by replacing two diesel cars from our corporate car fleet with two electric vehicles.

Electric vehicles are environmentally friendly, more economical and more efficient than conventional cars. The use of electric vehicles contributes to reducing the use of fossil fuels and thus reduces the harmful substances emitted into the atmosphere.

Using electric vehicles in our car fleet increases our employees’ sense of responsibility and their commitment to more green solutions.

Since 2011, we have been members of the UN Global Compact and are co-founders of the Bulgarian network of the Global Compact. We develop our business respecting its ten principles in the areas of:

  • Human rights
  • Labour standards
  • Environment
  • Anti-corruption

Website of the Global Compact –

We apply an Integrity Clause that binds all our suppliers and subcontractors to 11 ethical principles internationally established and recognized in terms of procurement.


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