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Who said that learning new things can’t be fun?

Dual education helps you learn things more easily and makes studying enjoyable and interesting. If you are unfamiliar with the concept, you can read about it here.

Choose dual education in electrical engineering with EVN

Do not miss the opportunity to develop the skills and qualities that will help make you a success when you graduate from school. What we offer:

Theoretical and practical training in a real business environment

Payment while you work for us in the 11th and 12th grades

The opportunity to gain experience and good work habits

Valuable first-hand know-how

Development of teamwork skills

The chance to participate in a programme to save storks and their families

The opportunity to obtain a certificate for professional skills

The possibility of working for EVN after leaving school

Application is in 3 steps

  • Choose a high school and a discipline approved for dual education.
  • Submit documents for the selected class by June after receiving your results from the 7th grade.
  • Once the right group has been set up, learning can begin.

Our dual education partners in Bulgaria

Vocational High School "Tsar Ivan Asen ІІ"

Vocational High School of Mechanoelectrotechnics and Electronics

Vocational High School "Prof. Dr. Asen Zlatarov"

Vocational High School of Mechanoelectrotechnics "Stoycho i Kitsa Mirchevi"

What is dual education?

“Dual” comes from the word “duo” (“two”). Dual education is so called because it combines two things - lessons in general education at school and vocational practice in a real company.

The practice takes place in real working conditions in the 11th and 12th grades.

Dual education is our common mission

At EVN, we support dual education because

  • it significantly reduces youth unemployment, thus supporting the economy of the country.
  • the process of alternating practice and theory creates variety for students and motivates them to learn knowledge and skills more successfully.
  • it produces qualified young specialists ready to start work immediately after high school.
  • it gives us the opportunity to contribute to modernising the school curriculum in the profiled high schools and adapting it to the current needs of the labour market.

Support it too

Dual education helps the development of children, business and the economy of Bulgaria in the long term. In order to achieve these goals, your initiative is needed.
If you are interested in dual education, do not hesitate to state your wish as soon as you receive the results of your high school entrance examinations!

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