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EVN Bulgaria is part of the large family of energy group companies, EVN, headquartered in Austria.
A leading role in the international group is played by the dynamically developing EVN AG. The company is listed on the Vienna Stock Exchange and has an established position in European energy markets.
EVN Group is active in a number of areas and so has a rich and complex professional experience gained over the years in countries around the world.

The Group of companies is active in the areas:

  • Electricity supply
  • Electricity distribution
  • District heating
  • Gasification and supply of natural gas
  • Hydroelectric power plants
  • Wind, solar and biomass energy
  • Water supply and treatment of waste water
  • Thermal treatment of waste

EVN Group in numbers

In 2022 EVN AG celebrates its 100th anniversary. Over 100 years of change and innovation, the company can boast of:

4.6m customers of energy, services and environmental products

EUR 3.8b turnover for the financial year 2022/23

EUR 694m investment for the financial year 2022/23

+164,000 km electricity and gas distribution grid and heating pipelines

+7,700 employees in the EVN family globally

14 countries covered by the international EVN business

More about the business activities of EVN Group can be found at

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