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Market liberalisation
Liberalisation means the shift from a regulated to a free energy market, where consumers can freely choose their energy supplier and negotiate terms individually. This is a European Union directive and is irreversible. In Bulgaria, it is being implemented gradually, which is why there are parallel regulated and free markets.
Since 1st October 2020, all non-residential customers have been obliged to purchase electricity on the free market. Residential consumers can still choose whether to purchase energy on the regulated or free market.
Interim period
If by 1st October.2020 you, as a non-residential customer, have not agreed a contract for electricity with a free market supplier, you will still be able to do so in the interim period, which expires on 30th June 2021.

During the interim period, electricity will be supplied by EVN Elektrosnabdiavane via its free market trader licence at market prices, according to market conditions, through the agreement of a standard contract.
If, by 30th June 2021, you have not yet actively selected a supplier on the free market, it is only from then that your supply will be taken on an ex officio basis by the so-called Supplier of Last Resort at prices set by EWRC's methodology.

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